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Digitizing Africa

We build and invest in tech-enabled solutions across various industries, with a focus on Africa.

We focus on fueling growth and transforming markets across Africa through integrated business and software solutions.

Why Mesozi?

Every day, companies and organizations gain competitive advantage and value by thinking digitally. Often, these companies need a partner to help them reach their full potential. We act as a strategic partner for enterprises, nonprofits and organizations that wish to harness the power and scale of technology to achieve business objectives.

We focus on the brands, technologies, and practices that drive world-class brand experience, through integrated business and software solutions.

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Disruptive Innovation

Riding the wave of digital revolution and abundance of opportunity, we deliver tech-enabled solutions, blurring industry boundaries, and leveraging on region-specific insights and experience.

Across Africa

We are transforming markets and societies across Africa and fueling growth in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before by opening up huge and still largely untapped commercial potential for small and large businesses alike.

For Africa

We aim to uplift millions of Africans because we believe that Africa has the potential to become a new powerhouse of production and consumption in the 21st century, just as Asia was able to do in the late 20th.

Mesozi Labs

Business Process Automation experts.

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Mesozi Ventures.

Early-stage Investments in tech startups

What our Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us. Here are some of our happiest clients and what they had to say.

Mesozi is simply amazing. Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.

Yvonne Asangre

Platinum Credit Limited

Digital Strategy

Understanding how customers are choosing to intersect with your business.

System Integrations

We connect organization’s functions from varying systems and streamline disparate systems.

Business Process Automation

Every business is going through some form of information-based disruption, causing businesses to modernize their processes, leveraging new data, accelerating key processes and delivering digitally-enabled experiences in the process.

We help businesses to automate their paper based business processes and document workflows.


We develop mobile applications to either increase revenue or productivity for your organization.

Big Data & Analytics

We help organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities.

Happy Clientele

Here are a couple of happy clients we have worked with.